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Welcome to Diligent Hands Cleaning Services!

As the Coronavirus, formally known as COVID-19, continues to spread around the country and reaches Detroit Michigan and metropolitan areas, Diligent Hands Commercial Cleaning Service stands ready to assist local businesses, schools, and government entities in minimizing the risk to customers and the public posed by this virus.

We are a fully certified professional cleaning company offering cleaning and sanitation services for residential apartments as well as industrial and commercial establishments. Think getting your homes and offices clean is such a big deal? We do too! So, why not let us worry about giving your space a thorough cleaning?

Our highly dedicated and experienced cleaning staff will help you make a light work of cleaning.

A sparkling clean environment is needed to rid your space of dirt and avoid disease-causing germs such as bacteria, and viruses.  Our cleaning services are aimed at helping you keep your home and business premises safe, clean, and free from clutter, dirt, and germs that could put you, the people living inside your home, or the employees in the workplace at serious health risks.

Our cleaning products are high-quality and meet EPA’s Emerging Pathogen standards.

While we can’t categorically claim that they’ll kill the new strain of this current coronavirus pandemic, they have been shown to be very effective against previous strains of coronavirus.

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Our offer is simple and straightforward. We guarantee the best of service, quality, and value. But don’t just take our words for it!
All you’ll ever need is a single trial to convince you. And just like the iconic Benjamin Franklin, we’re a firm believer of the saying that ‘well done is always better than well said.’

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We’re not your typical cleaning company, however.
Asides from the high-quality cleaning materials we use and our attention to detail, we also offer a kind of first-class service to give you the kingly treatment you deserve. Our services are super affordable, convenient, and can be customized to meet your individual needs and preferences. You just choose a time and date and we’ll be there at your house or a workplace to help you fall in love with your space, once more.
Feel free today to contact us today for all of your residential and commercial cleaning services in any of the surrounding Detroit Metropolitan areas. No work is too big or too small for us. We’ll be where you want us to be so we can perform our magic and make your residential apartment or business premises shiny and new all over again!
To help maintain safety during the COVID-19 outbreak, Diligent Hands provided protective equipment (i.e. masks and gloves) to providers that they may use during bookings.